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Call for Application for Academic Staff Mobility for Teaching

Dear colleagues and staff of Tashkent State University of Economics,


We have the pleasure to announce the Call for Application for one academic staff to carry out teaching activities in the HOCHSCHULE BREMERHAVEN – UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany in the framework of the project “GER-UZB Staff Mobility Towards Enhancement of Teaching Competence and Professional Development” funded under the Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals of the ERASMUS+ Programme.


During mobility, selected academic staff should:

  • carry out teaching activity comprising minimum 8 hours of teaching per week during winter semester (end of November/beginning of December) at the receiving institution;
  • prepare lecture materials (presentations, hand-outs, etc.) and read lectures on courses such as:
    • Foundations of Business and Management
    • Business Economics
    • Financial Management
    • Financial Economics
    • Human Resources Management
  • fill in the online EU Survey, prepare a written report on staff teaching mobility and submit those within one week.


For teaching mobility, a selected staff will receive the financial support from the ERASMUS+ EU funds.

Duration of mobility: 12 days (including travel days)

General selection criteria for staff mobility:

  • Academic suitability (area of expertise the applicant should have, qualifications and/or professional positions in subject area, publications, benefits for students at the host university);
  • Experience in the field (possession of relevant teaching experience and/or research relevant to the subject area);
  • Language capacity (minimum level of English language should be B2, indication of benefits of the mobility for the home university).


Priority will be given to full-time academic staff members who have been employed by the TSUE for at least two years as well as to those who have not been on Erasmus yet, or had little mobility in the past.


Interested applicants should submit to local project coordinator the following application documents:

  • Mobility Agreement with indication of proposed mobility program
  • CV (in Europass format)
  • Certificate/s for English language proficiency (if any)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of diplomas


Deadline for submission of application documents: 15 October 2016

Selected applicants will be notified within two weeks by e-mail after the deadline.


Contacts for further details:

Kristin Günther, Head of International Office, Hochschule Bremerhaven, Germany


Zufar Ashurov, a local project coordinator, Department of Corporate Governance, TSUE

Tel.: (93) 515-55-41, E-mail:

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